Book: A Catholic's Guide to Essential Oils

The book you've been waiting for:

“Easy to read and jam packed with fantastic info! If you have any questions about using essential oils as a Christian, this little book will answer them!” – Anne Auger

“It's time to clear up the confusion concerning oils and our Faith. I am so grateful that Christopher has taken the bull by the horns here to do just that! He has condensed years of research into an easily understandable, quick read.

The book is loaded with practical answers to Faith related questions that continually resurface. Christopher not only provides us with historical and biblical data on oils, but more importantly, he gives us solid, Catholic, fact-based answers to challenging questions!  I have waited a few years for Christopher to finish this project, and it was WELL WORTH the wait.” – Jennifer Patel

 Christopher brings seven years of theological studies and 15 years teaching experience together with practical wisdom he has gleaned from athletic coaching, business development, and family life to shed light on some hot topics.”   – Katy Warner
This book has been a team effort. I never would have written it without three years of encouragement and your persistent asking. So many of you have asked me to write this book - it belongs to you more than to me.

This book is dedicated to you! It is the resource you have been patiently waiting for and I am grateful for God’s timing in bring it to you. Finally!