Our Story

Katy and I were married after a seven week engagement in a Ruthenian parish by a Ukrainian priest and the pastor. The ceremony was a cross between the weddings in “Fiddler of the Roof” and “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” 

   Before the wedding day, my father expressed some concern about the fact that we would not be taking vows as it is not part of the ancient Greek Christian ceremony. But after the three hour ‘holy crowning’ service, he was absolutely convinced we were, in fact, married. “What God has joined, let no man separate.” (Mk 10:9)

   Katy and I were in our early thirties. We were not terribly old, but we did worry about not being able to have children. My mom suggested Katy eat lots of organic butter from pastured cows and take cod liver oil daily. My dad said we would be fine. We tried to do both: eat nutrient-dense food and not be too anxious, but we knew Katy’s endocrine system was not healthy, and as neither one of us had eaten very well as singles, we feared complications.

   The Apostle James says when you are ill, go to the elder and be anointed with oil in the name of the Lord (James 5:14). We felt inspired by the Holy Spirit to do this, so, while visiting our pastor a few weeks before our marriage, we asked him to pray over Katy and give her the anointing oils for the sick. We specifically asked God to open the womb for a child. Three months after we were married we conceived. Today, we enjoy a happy, healthy miracle-boy, John, as a testimony to God’s goodness and mercy. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for this answer to prayer!

   Several years passed. We had been eating much better. (John is at the top of the growth charts and I know it has to do with all the good food Mommy feeds him.) I, on the other hand, continued to suffer from a compromised immune system. Ever since my service in the Marine Corps (2004-2007), I had not been able to fight off illnesses very well. I went to my holistic family doctor, John Hicks, M.D., in 2013, and he recommend that I use essential oils and an oil infused herbal/mushroom supplement to boost my immune system. I had never heard of such a thing. I thought essential oils were just ‘hippie perfume’.

   That was the beginning. I know this is going to sound super cheesy, but it’s true: essential oils have changed our life. But a lot of things have changed our life, not just essential oils. Let’s not get weird and sentimental about it. Moving around the world a couple dozen times changed my life. Being a first time home owner changed my life. Owning my first business changed my life; and essential oils changed my life. Baptism, marriage, and fatherhood changed my life, too, but on a much higher, (or deeper) level. I want to make that distinction because this blog is all about making distinctions.

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